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Electroplating Materials

Kee Shing Industrial Products Limited

We run trading business of electroplating chemicals and materials in Hong Kong since 1970.

Kee Shing Industrial Products Limited (“KSIP”), incorporated in 1980 in Hong Kong, is mainly engaged in trading of various types of electroplating materials in Asia-Pacific region.

Our high quality products are imported from worldwide reputable suppliers. Throughout years, we have established well business relationships with our global suppliers and customers and got their strong supports to sustain our prominent position in the industry. Nowadays, besides Hong Kong, we have one regional office in Singapore and one branch office in Taiwan. For more information, For more information, please contact us at (852) 2366 1211 or

KSIP (Singapore) Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1980, is an established firm in Singapore specialized in the supply of electroplating chemicals, raw materials, equipment and accessories to the surface treatment industry.

With a network of associated companies spanning Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, we have the technical expertise and experience to assist customers in their electroplating requirement, especially in the supply of precious metals, chemicals and anodes, as well as high purity anodes for nickel and copper plating. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at (65) 6220 3379.

Kee Shing Industrial Products Limited Taiwan Branch (HK) was incorporated in 1981 in Taiwan. We possess extensive experience in trading electroplating metals and chemicals in our region for about 40 years.

Our key products are electrolytic nickel, copper anode and chemical products sourced from global suppliers. In addition to offering quality products, we also provide expert advice and technical solutions to customers in respect of electroplating aspects. With our diligence for so many years, we have already got high reputation in local electroplating industry. For more information, please contact us at (866) 2-2388 5711 or

KSIP Offers

Precious Metals


Phosphorous Copper

Our products are applicable for metal plating, plastic plating, electroforming, electronic filed and other electroplating processes.


High-Grade Stainless Steel

Kee Shing Hardware Supplies Limited

Kee Shing Hardware Supplies Limited (“KSHS”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1984. With over 35 years of solid experience in trading high-grade stainless steel business, KSHS not only offers various range of assorted high-grade stainless steel materials but also provides tailor-made slitting services to customers. Our high-grade stainless steel products are mainly imported from Japan, Korea and Europe.

KSHS Offers

316L/304 Sheet,Coil

316L/304 Wire (Soft & Hard)

Wire Rope

301/304 Hard Coil


Our products are applicable for watchbands, watch-parts, buckles, jewelry, etc. For more information, please contact us at (852) 2368 7247 or


Electroplating Chemical Solutions

EngoTech Limited

EngoTech Limited (“ETL”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1990. We are dedicated to produce proprietary electroplating chemicals with sophisticated formulation and process. Our product quality has been well-recognized and generally accepted by a wide range of electroplating industries.

ETL Offers

Rhodium Electroplating Chemical Solutions:

“KSIP” XT, XT-1, XT-2

“Rhodstar” RD-A1

“ETL” EJ-100, RH-100

Our products are applicable for jewelry, watches and clocks, spectacle frames, optical instruments, electrical contact, etc. For more information, please contact us at (852) 2408 9896 or

Contact : (852) 2366 1211

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