Financial Investment



We study and conduct in-depth researches on fundamental, macro and technical of respective potential corporates, industries, geographies and markets in order to identify opportunities, to control risks, to tune out the market’s short-term noise, to focus on long-term opportunities and to generate returns.

We believe that identifying and investing right corporates can help to support capital growth, while recognizing negative factors at various angles can serve as a reliable form of risk control.


Fixed Income

From board market solutions to strategies based on specific duration, geographic or sector parameters, we have confidence to achieve our objectives efficiently.

Our fixed income portfolio includes all publicly traded sectors. We identify top-down structural and cyclical risks and opportunities from analysis of macroeconomics, while to draw on insights from study of bottom-up fundamental research. This approach can help us to anticipate changes in issuers’ capital structures before they are priced into securities.

We believe we can generate income, mitigate downside risk, diversify a portfolio, and enhance returns on a more consistent performance across varied market environments.



We analyze and understand the global market in-depth to pursue capital appreciation through investments in alternatives. Our alternative strategies include:

  • Long/short equity strategies
  • Absolute return fixed income strategies
  • Multi-asset strategies
  • Real asset strategies
  • Private equity

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